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 I would like to live in a world where every person is free to be and become, to be supported in our individual and collective wellbeing, irrespective of race/ethnicity, gender, class, ability, size, or nationality.

To achieve this, will require us to confront our internalised beliefs about power (our own, the world, others), and to take leadership such that our use of power benefits us, and the world we live in.

Working with me, can move you closer to a place where you are working from the heart, from your vision, your identities and multiple experiences.

The following options are available to working with me:



Connie Nawaigo Zhuwarara

Connie Nawaigo Zhuwarara said “I have been feeling it for a while now, the feeling of disconnection. I have been reflecting on the gift of brokenness. I did not think I would embrace being broken as a gift, but I sit here and firmly believe it was a gift that was Godsend. I decided to embrace my brokenness. To pose, to cry, to breath, to dance, to stop and to grow. That is exactly what the course on Leading From Within has given me. It allowed me to give myself a chance to return to me. It was time to embrace that brokenness and return to myself.

– Connie Nawaigo, Zhuwarara LLB (MUK) LLM (UZ)

Brian Shalumwa

Shamillah has helped me to believe that anything is possible. She helped me to see that unless I am clear about what I want, and dedicate myself to that with consistency and commitment, then I could be content that I am doing what I need to for my life.

– Brian Shalumwa, Entrepreneur, Zambia

Beatrice Savadye

When I met Shamillah, I was struggling to maintain a work-life balance. I felt tired and unsure about how to move forward to achieve my goals. I know I needed help but felt slightly apprehensive about having a life coach.

Life coaching seemed like a very Westernised concept that would not work for me, however, I was proved wrong! Shamilah’s insight helped me to identify how my ego and certain behaviour patterns were destructive to my growth process. All this was performed in a kind way such that it was not so difficult to start working on my transformation process. My work and personal relationships have improved a great deal through Shamilah’s coaching. I was able to identify areas of my life that needed improvement that I was unaware of.

– Beatrice Savadye, Disruptor, Strategist and Social Justice Leader

Maurisa Moloto

Working with Shamillah has helped me address my own personal issues, which also ensures that my daughter does not repeat the same learning pattern that I have. I appreciate Shamillah for being direct with me and challenging me on this insight.

– Maurisa Moloto, Social Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Leader, South Africa

Chipo Bangira

Shamillah listens without judgement. Through her thought provoking coaching questions and exercises, I have been able to find my why in life. I have become more aware, present, intentional and authentic. I have learnt the power of vulnerability, gratitude, self-care and Leading Change from Within. One step at a time and do not buy into other people’s expectations she always says!

– Chipo Bangira, Activist and Young Feminist Leader, Uganda

Latifah Jacobs

I have engaged with Shamillah’s work and I have to say that in conversation and also readings, it has taught me to step back and put me first and even become selective in where and how I invest my time. I have learnt to prioritize me and set clearer boundaries.

-Latifah Jacobs, Activist Leader, Cape Town, South Africa

Anasuya Sengupta

I have worked with and known Shamillah for 20 years now – since meeting at an international feminist meeting in Cape Town in 1998! Through all her (and my) many avatars and adventures in these years, I know Shamillah to be one of the most dynamic, focused, strategic thinkers and doers around. We conceived of an international feminist anthology together; with Shamillah’s direction, it went from idea to execution in two years, unbelievable timing for such a complex process. We asked her to facilitate our international Decolonising the Internet conference last year with a 100 people from around the world – and she did it with poise and humour, deftness and intelligence. Whether as a personal coach, an organisational strategist, or a feminist activist, Shamillah brings to all her work fierce passion and focus, clarity of vision and purpose, and deep, meaningful results. I’m honoured to have her in my life as friend and inspiration.

-Anasuya Sengupta, Co-Founder and Co-ordinator – Whose Knowledge

Loana Round

I met Sham when I was going through a lot of change as I had just moved to a new country and I was trying to figure out my new life and my new career. Throughout this process, Sham has been an incredible mentor to me: not only did she respond to my first email (when we didn’t even know each other), but she also made time to talk every couple of weeks. I was always (and still am!) so excited to meet her as she was helping me explore my interests & passions and, most importantly, guiding me to take action one step at a time. That meant the world to me as it boosted my confidence and brought a sense of direction.
Sham has been there both as a mentor and as a friend and I can’t be more grateful for that.

-Ioana Ghimus, Activist (USA/Romania)

Lesley Ann Foster

Shamillah is an excellent coach because she brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the coaching process, having walked a journey similar to the people she coaches. She is a great empathetic listener but holds her coachee to account with gentleness and clarity. Shamillah works with her clients to surface the best traits they have. She provides a truly positive experience.

-Lesley Ann Foster, CEO, Masimanyane Women’s Rights International


Working with Shamillah has challenged me. As a result of working with her, I have been able to embrace my passion and my activism. I have been able to set up a safe space discussion in my church, for young women called ‘I will not be silent anymore.’ Being able to combine my faith, my passion, and psychology has made me realize that I can be unapologetically feminist and wear the different hats in my life with ease.’

– Wala Nalungwe, Psychologist and Feminist Activist, Zambia


Working with Shamillah Wilson as my coach has been an awesome journey. Shamillah supported me in thinking through my ‘next big move’ in a manner that gave me clarity and gain more confidence in what I have to offer the world. Through a simple but precise process, Shamillah held the mirror for me to face and engage with my patterns – gently but firmly holding the space for me to gain clarity and the resolve to explore new ways of being in the world. Thank you ever so much Sham. Much appreciated

– Alice Kanengoni, Life Coach and Women’s Rights Program Manager, OSISA

Working with Shamillah helped me prioritize my personal wellbeing. It helped me get a sense of where I am and helped me to take steps to where I desire to be when it comes to personal development and self-appreciation.

– Zanelle Thabede Vilakati, Co-Founder Women Working Together Initiative, Swaziland.

Grace Chirenje

My coaching journey with Shamillah has been absolutely phenomenal. I have started reflecting more on my goals in life and actively working towards my goals with a deep sense of feelings attached to the outcome. I feel more empowered to tackle my financial wellbeing goals with such clarity as I never had before. I feel rejuvenated and inspired to lead others starting with myself as a major priority. Am loving each challenge as I become a better version of me. Thank you Shamillah for being such an awesome life coach. Keep slaying this life journey with the compassion, love and kindness you give as a coach.

– Grace Chirenje (Feminist Activist and Entrepreneur, Zimbabwe)

biokanyo modungwa

I started my coaching sessions with Shamillah when I felt I was on the brink of burning out. I was unclear on how to avoid burning out while at the same time not feeling stuck or stagnant (because while I didn’t want to burn out, I still wanted to continue to do meaningful work and continue to develop my career). My coaching journey with Shamillah helped me to clarify what my challenges were and we worked together to develop solutions to this. The process she took me through helped me to develop a more solid long-term vision and plan for myself so that I was more clear on how the everyday tasks were meaningful and how I could use each day to contribute to the overall goals that I have.

Coaching supported me to more boldly pursue my goals. Before coaching, fear and doubt were a major barrier for me in taking any action to find more joy in my work, to find the balance between my personal and work life and in pursuing things that made me feel like I was growing and learning. After the coaching process; I applied for a graduate program (I start this October!), requested to change roles at work so that I could do less of what I wanted and more work where I felt I could add the most value, and started working part-time as well to make sure I had time to rest and reflect. The coaching process has supported me to shift my perspective from problem-focused to more solution-driven thinking, I now actively pursue the balanced but fulfilling life I dreamt about for a long time but was unsure on how to get there.

– Boikanyo Modungwa Research and Knowledge Officer for FRIDA, Young Feminist Fund

Clarissa Ragede

I had an opportunity to participate in a self-introspection process with Shamillah and it changed my whole understanding of my self-worth and gave me the wisdom to take on life challenges. I was 20 at the time, and the most important lesson from that process was that I had to take responsibility and control of my destiny and deliberately invest in myself.

The sessions helped me question myself what I wanted to be and why. I had to search my soul and my life experiences to deal with any insecurities I had which could hinder my ability to value myself and deter me from achieving my personal and professional goals. Since then the trials I have gone through professionally, as a youth rights advocate and socially, have been unexpected and tough but because I had had the opportunity to deal with myself, I have been able to tackle them and gained strength from each twist and turn life has offered me.

Most importantly I have learnt to stand for myself and look out for myself. This is not an easy thing. I am now 26, and even though it is six years later, I am still motivated by some of the lessons from the work we did, which is something that we are not really told to do. That is “taking care of YOU”.

A lot of times as busy young women we are caught up in trying to achieve it all and to be honest the process is stressful. But consistently questioning yourself if your daily choices or other people’s choices are in your best interest sounds selfish but that’s the only way to preserve YOU. It is such an important principle that never gets old.

– Clarissa Ragede, Msc Candidate in Public Policy and Management with SOAS University of London, Youth Advisor to the Global Fund to fight TB, HIV and Malaria, and a Youth Fellow for the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

I have worked with Shamillah for over a year and our journey together has been absolutely fulfilling.
As a coach she has allowed me my own space to grow, she has challenged me into honoring my own truth. I appreciate her allowance to share her own journey, to allow and honor mine and I feel that is powerful. She is a true kindred spirit, honest and a doer. I admire her deeply.

– Mphatso Jumbe, Executive Director, MOVE! And Owner/Entrepreneur of MAFU (Fresh Foods) Malawi

Shamillah Wilson is a conscious cliff-diver…someone motivated by the challenge of what some say cannot be done, what many fear to leap into – the unknown, her/our unlimited potential. She does not do this with the agonizing strain – the daily grind of trying to move mountains, but with a passion, playfulness and an adventurous spirit that stays alert to the markers and cues along the way. She is a generous and enthusiastic coach to others who yearn to leap in the faith of their own mountains and an acute listener who knows what questions to ask, when to challenge and when to allow the revelation of the new inner terrain – the possibilities within each of us, to unfold. Coaching sessions with her have struck an old chord of a doubt-free much younger and possibly more daring version of me, who listened to the voice inside that confidently said, “Of course you are…of course, you can!” Now I hear that bold, imaginative voice everywhere, as I navigate my life by the choices I am making and the future I am envisioning.

– Malika Ndlovu, South African poet, performer, project manager and applied arts practitioner

Coaching has led me to have a more purposeful life and I now realize that all my actions change my situation. The sessions made me more organized and I am now clearing all the clutter that cause stagnation and frustration. The independence gained and confidence I now have in my abilities turns my potential into physical attainments. My life changes daily, I realize the benefits of this change and are more sensitized to the subliminal messages sent by the universe as challenges.

– Mongezi Mtati (Entrepreneur and Brand Architect, Johannesburg)


Working with Shamillah gave me the courage to pursue the things I always wanted to pursue. It feels silly thinking back how apprehensive I used to be to do the things I have been called to do.

– Christy Zinn, Activist and Professional Jiu Jitsu Athlete