Group program

Leading Change from Within

A deep dive into: who you are, your work, and your leadership

8 modules
Resources and assignments
Online sessions and Facebook group
12 weeks (3 hours per week)

As social justice leaders, we choose to believe a better world is possible. To this end, we have channelled our energies into various endeavours to transform the systems we live within that do not serve the whole.

Yet, there is often a disconnection between working on justice for others and working on healing for oneself. We have to concede that social change cannot happen without healing, and healing cannot happen without justice. It requires us to recognise that the wellbeing of all is tied to our individual wellbeing. We, therefore, have to equally evolve the ways that we show up in our everyday life.

anchor on the shoreline

Have you ever felt…?

Disconnected from your own needs and desires (not sure who the person in the mirror is anymore)?

Overwhelmed and stressed because you give all of your energy resources to do the work that impacts others, but do not have enough energy for the things that bring you joy, hope and happiness?

That your health is suffering because the work of changing the world is endless, often thankless, and has left you tired and empty?

That you are just doing-doing-doing and have lost connection to the purpose of what you are doing?

That helping others is no longer satisfying?

That financially you are just getting by?

That you want a change, or are on the verge of change, but you are unsure how to move forward?

If any of this feels like you, I would like to invite you into the Leading Change from Within program.

For the past 10 years, I have worked with social justice leaders to help them access parts of themselves that embody self-love, nurturing and growth. With this 3 month course, I want to support YOU to deepen your impact in your own life and in the world!

What you will get from this program

Connect and cultivate relationships with other social justice leaders and activists, responsible coaches, healers and leaders;

Get a better understanding of how systems of injustice play out in your own life so that you can actively take steps to confront or deal with them;

Gain tools and learn methods to set up mechanisms to feel more alive and energized in order to experience greater levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health;
Create space to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with your loved ones;
Confront and address issues of financial wellbeing in alignment with your life’s purpose;
Add more tools to your metaphorical toolbox for your work and life, i.e. activities, resources, strategies, questions, etc.;
Create a true ripple effect by using this inner work on yourself as an impulse for social change.
All of this is a process and truly a lifelong work. By the end of the course, you won’t have ‘finished the work on yourself’. You will, however, receive frameworks and support that you can draw on to start and continue integrating your work and life long after this program is over.

An important reminder is that the “personal is political”. Therefore the focus on our individual wellbeing is not separate from cultures and systems we interact with and are trying to transform.

Shamillah Wilson smiling at the camera

A personal message from Shamillah Wilson

I created this program because I SO love transformative work. My own journey of awakening to the responsibility of doing the inner wellbeing work has enriched my work with youth, as well as leaders, across the globe. I have been able to apply the medicine I got from my own journey to supporting leaders who seem to have been disconnected from their inner centre. I could support them in creating happy, healthy and wealthy lives. I am an activist, a coach, and a catalyst for personal growth. Spirituality, social justice, as well as what it takes to engage in entrepreneurship consciously, are intertwined. In 2017, I published a book called: “Waking Up: How I woke up my Inner Activist to Live a Bigger Life.”

You might be coming to this program looking for clear answers – I don’t have those. What I do have is an intention to facilitate the kind of experience where you can find your own answers to your questions, or maybe find more questions and connect with other people with common values. This work isn’t easy, but is so worth it when we come together around our visions for social justice and healing.

The Content

The course consists of 8 modules that will take you through a process of unearthing unhealthy patterns while supporting you to make shifts and decisions that better align with your values and commitments. The modules include:

Original writings, videos and workbooks related to the topic of the module;
Resources (pdfs, articles, videos, audio from other educators);
Experiential assignments – ways for you to bring the questions and ideas we’re considering in this program into your work and everyday life.



Developing critical awareness

Through surfacing awareness of values and mapping of potential biases, blind spots and conditioned beliefs, we create the foundation for self-management and personal wellbeing.



Embracing the shadow

Learn more about your unconscious or hidden parts of our personality, the parts we usually either reject or refuse to acknowledge. Work with the shadow to help unleash power by embracing all of who YOU are.



Improve mental and emotional health

Learn to consciously shift away from negative emotions and how to boost overall physical, mental and emotional health.



Aligning mind and body for greater impact

Learn how to build practices that align the mind, and ensure physical wellbeing. Allow alignment of the mind, body and soul in order to experience wellbeing and impact.



Connect to your deepest desire

Consciously access your deeper desires for love, life and activism and make important decisions about what you want in your life to reach greater fulfilment, joy, health and happiness.



Experience success on your own terms

Connect to your values and your deepest motivations and explore your unique authentic expression of your life’s purpose. Learn how to find the balance between changing the world and success for YOU.



Develop and enhancing financial intelligence

Explore your relationship with money and understand how to establish new habits and set a container for your financial wellbeing.



Leading with courage and determination

Learn to powerfully lead others from a place of vulnerability, authenticity and courage. Integrate lessons of personal transformation to your activism and leadership to help you achieve what you desire in your personal life and in your life’s work.


Having all of the right information will not get us where we desire to go. We have to move beyond mental knowledge and embody understanding. This isn’t just about being able to talk about it, you’ve got to be it.

Within the program, at minimum, there’s support through the private Facebook group and live community calls via Zoom.

Outside of the program, you’re encouraged to seek out the moments where you can integrate the learnings from the program in whatever way is most present in your relationships, communities or work.

The Edge

What makes Leading Change from Within transformative isn’t so much the content or the integration opportunities. It is how you choose to engage with what’s here.

Weekly Time Investment

Participating in this 3-month group training program requires a minimum investment of 3 hours per week for assignment and ‘growth work’. This includes a 2-hour bi-weekly group coaching/training call, plus monthly individual coaching calls.

Ready to join?

You’ll get access to:

Eight content-rich modules.
Private Facebook group.
Live, 2 x Monthly Community Calls via Zoom. (This is part mastermind, part group dialogue, part group coaching.)

3 x 1-on-1 Individual Coaching Sessions.

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