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Hi, I am Shamillah Wilson,

– most people call me Sham. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and am fortunate to have travelled to almost every continent in the world. I am the eldest of 7 children, and my family is an important grounding force in my life.

I am a coach, an activist, and a social entrepreneur.

I believe I am here to unleash the power, purpose and potential of leaders, changemakers/activists, young people, and entrepreneurs.  I love juggling several things at once and this makes life interesting and simultaneously feeds the different parts of me. I have an insatiable curiosity and have a passion for adventure, new places and making the most of my human experience. No, that does not mean I have FOMO (lol), but I do believe in living fully.

I am also a high achiever introvert – which enables me to accomplish anything I set my mind to. However, I am also learning to balance it with more joy, connection and the experience of being in the moment. I am most effective as a catalyst, a provocateur and can comfortably and with agility navigate situations across a full spectrum of complexity.

I love the ocean and I find great joy in hiking in the mountains or just spending time in nature.

What I have to offer…

I believe we are all here to learn and master what we are meant to teach and share with others. I will confess that growing up there was always a part of me that believed that someone was going to save me some day. Somehow, I hoped it would be my parents, my grandparents, my teachers, later my employers and then finally my intimate partner. I concluded to myself that I only had to be strong until the ‘white knight’ came and rescued me from whatever circumstances in life I was experiencing.

Early experiences in my life introduced me to feeling powerless and as a result I learnt the valuable lesson of my own inner power. Unsurprisingly, this is also what drew me to activism in my life. The need to speak out, give voice to and advocate on behalf of those who were powerless (that was my interpretation) seemed to speak to me very strongly.

I have come full circle on this journey and understand my role as not one of rescuing anyone – rather to be a catalyst, mentor, guide at times and powerful collaborator to leaders across the globe. I feel that what I have to offer is what I have drawn from my own journey, but also what I continue to learn to support those who work with me to create their lives as happy, healthy and wealthy.

If you have taken the time to read my profile, I invite you to take one more step on your journey of getting the most from this life you have been given.

To your health, wealth and happiness.