your life as an activist keys to sustainable activism

Your Life as an Activist Project

Social change requires both personal and systemic changes.

This booklet looks at how to extend our ability to sustainably practice activism over the course of our lives.

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shamilah wilson exploring archetypes

Exploring Archetypes

As social justice leaders and activists, we choose to believe a better world is possible.

There is often a disconnect between working on justice for others and working on healing for oneself. We have to concede that social change cannot happen without healing and healing cannot happen without justice. It requires us to recognize that the well-being of all is tied to our wellbeing.

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shamillah wilson 10 signs your inner activist is calling you and tips to answer this call book

10 Signs Your Inner Activist is Calling You and Tips To Answer This Call

Sometimes we pursue a life “saving” others, and experience disconnection and discontentment as a result. This can be an indication of being disconnected from one’s inner activist.

The focus on the ‘outer’ world has in most of our cases led to a repression and denial of our innate qualities of creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength and wisdom. It is important to acknowledge that every single person has an
inner activist that has your ‘greater’ interests at heart. When activated, the inner activist can speak up over the chorus of negative beliefs and attitudes that lead to habits and behaviours that create the reality you experience today.

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shamillah wilson waking up

Waking Up: How I woke up my Inner Activist to create a BIGGER LIFE

This book takes you through my journey of connecting and awakening my inner activist.

It takes you through particular themes and also issues that I processed and how I moved from being disconnected with my true purpose to living a bigger life. I can say that as a result of taking this journey, I have had access to greater freedom, choice, greater results (financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and ultimately fulfillment, peace, and joy.

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