project development for women and youth with a focus on financial wellbeing

Wellbeing Architects

Wellbeing for human rights organisations, feminist collectives and other social purpose and development organisations seeking social change

Wellbeing Architects is a collective that reimagines thriving organisational cultures. Founded in 2019 by Shamillah Wilson and Ella Scheepers, Wellbeing Architects specialise in accompanied learning and facilitation. The approach used is rooted in intersectional feminism that balances wellbeing and accountability to create brave spaces to navigate organisational complexity. The work draws on the conviction that when internal cultures and practices align with programmatic efforts in the world, it is likely to deepen the broader social change impact of social justice organsiations.

Shamillah Wilson and Ella Scheepers
Shamillah Wilson and Ella Scheepers
The Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective

The Feminist Collective is a collective of feminist facilitators/evaluators and researchers from the global South.

Our experiences span movement-building, research, evaluation and strategy development in Africa, Asia as well as Latin America. We are particularly passionate about participative and inclusive processes that engage movements, organisations and other sectors.

Project Ignition

Lifeskills Coaching for high school Learners

In 2012, I founded Project Ignition an organisation that focuses on youth resilience through working on emotional, social and economic capability. Through this organisation I have worked with more than 1000 youth across the Western Cape. The work includes delivery of cutting edge programmes and resources to youth themselves and to organisations working with youth. In 2015, I won the prestigious Women in Philanthropy Award for excellence in youth development.

We say to them:

“You can be whoever YOU are. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. And when you own who you are, the world will meet you on those terms.”


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