Real Life Conversations with Activists and social justice leaders

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Real Life Conversations is a series of conversations with activists and social justice leaders. In every episode, life coach, process architect and activist, Shamillah Wilson talks to these inspiring people about their extraordinary stories of life, leadership and activism.

While each conversation puts the spotlight on a guest and an area of their life that they have triumphed in, it also highlights the significance of our own life journeys and the often-overlooked achievements we have acquired and can share. Every person has an extraordinary story, and it takes real-life conversations to unearth them.

Join Shamillah Wilson on this quest to uncover human stories that prove how remarkable we all are.

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The Power of Focus: A Conversation with Fernanda Matsinhe

Join Shamillah Wilson and Fernanda Matsinhe as they delve into the power of focus and how to navigate the complexities of taking on opportunities while staying true to your vision. Fernanda shares her journey of learning the importance of saying no, and how it has helped her chart a meaningful path in her life. In this inspiring conversation, discover how to balance your goals and desires with the opportunities that come your way, and how to make sure you stay focused on what truly matters. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on how to navigate the complexities of taking on opportunities while remaining focused and single-minded on your vision.

How do you stay focused on your vision while taking on meaningful opportunities?

Learning to let go of control: Leungo Mothlabane

Structure and control, in our lives, help us to cope better with difficult situations and enable us to be successful in many areas of our lives. In this episode, Shamillah Wilson talks to public health practitioner and an avid runner, Leungo Mothlabane about how learning to let go of control helped her along her journey. Referring to it as a learning process, Leungo talks about how both structure and spontaneity have helped her to become more successful. When asked about losses of being more structured, Leungo Mothlabane says you lose a sense of playfulness, fluidity, and flexibility, which are all helpful. This led her to question how helpful a rigid structure leads to the loss of colour in both life and the processes we create around ourselves.

“The fear of not being in control stems from the fear of imperfection.” – Leungo Mothlabane

How do you allow for flexibility in your structured life and plans? Listen to this episode to find out how Shamillah Wilson and Leungo Mothlabane unpack some of their thoughts.

Finding your voice: Diana Shelton

Finding your voice in a world that prescribes who we should be is not easy. In this episode, the Founder of Reborn Creative, an African accessories brand, tells Shamillah Wilson how she found her voice and created outlets to express herself.

Referring to herself as “a cheerleader of champions”, Diana shares how she navigated the journey to self-discovery and now does her bit to enable others around her to do the same. In this conversation, Shamillah finds out how we can muster the courage to speak up and live a full life in the process.

Imposter syndrome, self-doubt and putting others before our needs can lead to never discovering who we truly are. How do you cultivate and express your authentic voice?

Connected in our collective pain with Liepollo Pheko

Covid-19 forced us to acknowledge the value of freedom for ourselves and for those around us. In this launch episode, Shamillah Wilson has a conversation with activist scholar, researcher and public intellectual, Liepollo Pheko, about how our collective pain connects us.

They engage on issues of grief and loss, as well as how we can hold ourselves and each other while navigating some of the complexities. Their conversation unpacks collective pain while opening up about how unique it is for everyone. “Grief doesn’t always end when you throw sand on the casket”, says Liepollo Pheko as she shares her views on this topic.

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