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How to Make Your Life an Activist Project

Social change is a mammoth undertaking, yet, there is little to no acknowledgement of the interconnected relationship between the change we seek in the world, and the changes we desire for our own healing and wellbeing. This course looks at pragmatically addressing the context of our own lives and how it intersects with wellbeing and the context of our activism projects, as well as the vision, values, capabilities, and skills we need to integrate the personal and the political, and the strategies needed to do so (individual and collective).

What we will cover

Assess your life in context

Like any new project, we start our ‘life as an activist’ project with a context analysis so as to explore our current, context specific realities.

Develop a new narrative for a life where you are a priority

What is your life activist project vision? What will a future where your work fills you with a sense of wellbeing look like when YOU are a priority?

Understanding your why

Most of us have a ‘why’ driving our activism and our efforts on seeking justice. Our ‘why’ fuels our activism, even when things get tough and, similarly, our ‘why’ can also power up your ‘life as an activism project’.

Connect to the values that will underpin your life activism project

As activists, our values express our politics, and what we believe in. It allows us to effortlessly connect to what matters to us most when engaging with our activist project. However, our individual values need to be modeled through personal behaviours and processes.

Identify strategies with which to achieve your vision

To achieve any vision we require appropriate strategies. Making your life an activist project requires more than a single decision or goal, it is a life-long commitment and, therefore, requires strategies at multiple levels.

Individual grounding practices

Change happens in increments and, therefore, over and above our goals, we need individual practices that carry us through the ups and downs of implementing our life strategies. Grounding practices keeps you moving in the direction you wish to go even when get worn out, lose your motivation, or you just can’t figure out how to fit it all in an already busy schedule.


Activism is not the result of a single, individual action or endeavour, but rather constitutes a long-term commitment, which is difficult to sustain without external support. For us to be successful in our own ‘life as an activist project’, we therefore need to create space for a community that hold us, cheer us on, and challenges us – so that we remain accountable to our vision of a more just and equal world.

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How we will cover the topics:

Six prerecorded class room sessions to work through at times most convenient to you.
Three group coaching sessions, which allows you to lean into the wisdom of your peers.
A workbook allows time to reflect and complete an ‘Activist Project Overview’.

3 x 1-on-1 Individual Coaching Sessions.

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