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shamillah wilson waking up

Waking Up: How I woke up my Inner Activist to create a BIGGER LIFE.

This book takes you through my journey of connecting and awakening my inner activist. It takes you through particular themes and also issues that I processed and how I moved from being disconnected with my true purpose to living a bigger life. I can say that as a result of taking this journey, I have had access to greater freedom, choice, greater results (financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and ultimately fulfillment, peace, and joy.

shamillah wilson 10 signs your inner activist is calling you and tips to answer this call book

10 Signs Your Inner Activist is Calling You And Tips to Answer this Call.

I believe we are all here to learn and master what we are meant to teach and share with others. Sometimes our curriculum includes an in-depth crash course on a subject. In my own journey, I have to confess that while growing up there was always a part of me that believed and wanted to believe in that ‘someone’ saving me…