Birthday special blog cover, "Are you ready to learn more to do more ?"

Shamillah Wilson Birthday special!

For the month of April only, we are offering free access to our online course “LEADING CHANGE FROM WITHIN: A PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION COURSE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE LEADERS”.

Our current moment is defined by uncertainty and change.

As social justice leaders and activists, while we sit with what this means for our work, now more than ever, we have to also do the work that is needed within ourselves!

We are witnessing a crashing of systems and structures that in any event did not serve the whole. This moment requires us to PAUSE and to address the disconnect between working on justice for others and working on healing for ourselves.

If these words resonate for you, then this 8 part online course is for you. The course will start on 25 April 2020. Please email hello@shamillahwilson.com to request an application.