entering 2020 blog cover, "Entering 2020 on a mindful high."

Let self-priority and a positive attitude be the motto for 2020

Starting 2020 with kick-ass attitude!

At the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December, I always breathe a sigh of relief. Partly because, with the advent of a new year, I feel like I am able to press a reset button, and start again. I can let go of the parts of 2019 that did not go well, and focus on the parts I want to build on.

I am able to appreciate the journey travelled, both the ups and the downs, but mostly, I feel excited about a blank canvas presented by a new year. There is something quite profound about the opportunity to start afresh. Yes, indeed, I know that the past year did matter! Some of the experiences may not have been so great, but when I step back and truly look at the year that was, I can honestly say that there was an incredible balance between the ups and the downs.

That said, even though I am incredibly appreciative of the journey I travelled, I am also more than happy to welcome different energy. I am excited to get going and to more intentionally think about what it is that I do want to welcome into my life in the coming year.

As someone that has a predisposition to comfort, I often challenge myself to make room for new lessons and experiences, and open myself up to surprises, as well as to keep building on the projects I have been nurturing.

I have also learnt to stop falling into a trap of setting new year resolutions and instead have created my own top 5 list of mindsets that will guide me during my year ahead. I print these out as a reminder of the feeling of excitement and anticipation I feel at the beginning of the year and to keep me going when my energy feels low. Below are my top 5 list:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

In the past year, there were moments where I felt unanchored and disconnected from my why. When going through such a patch, I have found it helpful to refer to a vision board and remind myself of my why. It allows me to ease up on myself, and just sit with what is happening, knowing that it is contributing to my bigger picture.

2. Be audacious

Last year, in particular, I allowed myself the space to play it safe. I took time to cocoon and just nurture myself and my spirit. However, for this year, although the space to sit back is important, I am challenging myself to go after initiatives or projects that push me outside of my comfort zone.

3. Take time to laugh and dance

The world I operate in is often very intense! It takes a lot out of me and even though I get through one moment of intensity, I jump straight into the next one. Even though I know of the benefits of laughter and dance in my life, I often do not prioritise it. For 2020 this is a commitment I make from myself.

4. Be intentional

Sometimes I find that a lot of what I do is just a matter of riding the waves. However, for 2020, I am setting the intention to be intentional in how I show up in the world, the connections I build and nurture and also the contribution I want to make.

5. Find gratitude

This sounds obvious, but I feel the need to express and set the mindset of gratitude for my life, not only for 2020 but beyond! Despite some of the challenges, I know that there are often a lot of things to be grateful for.

I am over here wishing all of you a thriving and bombastic year!